Taratabong worldwide!

Taratabong – The World Of Meloditties, the two seasons preschool series about the world of music and sound, goes on traveling the world. Here is the last news about this adventure:

Rai3 & Rai Yoyo (Italy)
RTP-2 (Portugal)
Al Jazeera Children Channel (Middle East)
KAKHESHAN TV (Middle East)
GPB (Georgia)
Cineplex (Thaïland)
Biznet (Indonesia)
Lekan (China)

Taratabong Worldwide

Taratabong – il mondo dei Musicilli, la serie in due stagioni sul mondo dei suoni e della musica per i più piccoli (ma anche per i loro genitori) continua a viaggiare sulle frequenze dell’etere televisivo e sul gran mare della rete, tanto che ha ormai quasi fatto il giro del mondo. Ecco le ultime notizie di questo avventuroso viaggio:

Rai3 & Rai Yoyo (Italia)
RTP-2 (Portogallo)
Al Jazeera Children Channel (Medio Oriente)
KAKHESHAN TV (Medio Oriente)
GPB (Georgia)
Cineplex (Thaïlandia)
Biznet (Indonesia)
Lekan (Cina)


26 responses to “Taratabong worldwide!

  1. My 2.7 year old son has watched Taratabong for about 6 months now. He watches it on Netflix in the USA. He watches the first season over & over again; it’s his most requested show. And we (parents) love it too! It has introduced him to music – he plays instruments while he watches! We very much look forward to Season 2. Thank you for making such a creative show that really catches the interest of kids and music! Kind Regards from Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, USA!

    • Dear Patrice, thank you for your & your son’s appreciation of Taratabong. Kids Playing Music – that’s exactly our goal when we created Taratabong. Keep on playing! Ciao

  2. My son loves this show! Where can I buy this on DVD?? It’s amazing!

  3. Such a wonderful show – my son loves it! I know you are very busy, but if you could provide an English translation of your Taratabong websites, that would be wonderful!

  4. Anabelle Nieto

    My 11 mos old loves your show, it’s the only one that captures his full attention, and now they are taking it off Netflix 😦 where can i purchase the DVD for it, don’t know what we silk do after may first…

  5. Help! My granddaughter NEEDS this show, but Netflix is dropping it! Why is it not available to buy??

  6. Where else is the series available? Really wish we could buy a copy.

  7. This program has been an excellent way to introduce my toddler to music. Now she excitedly goes into her toy box and brings out her instruments to play along! i would buy this in a heart beat! As of 4-28-14 the Netflix website says its only available until 5-1-14. Very sad.

    • I contacted Netflix and asked them to renew their license. They said they will do that. Since it’s so close to the end of the current license, there may be a hiatus. I encourage you to contact them as well, and add your voice.

  8. I called Netflix too! I need this show back! My 8 month old daughter loves this show and she cries to watch intro over and over!

  9. Wow I might cry if we don’t get some melodities… I was born a music producer and taratabong has been such an amazing tool for helping me introduce music to my kids.
    My family is heart broken that netflix pulled this show. Like most of you know it is impossible to find the melodities anywhere so I will keep calling netflix daily until I get my kids dities back!
    Many thanks for the creative genius behind Taratabong and if there is any other way to support the show let me know.
    Your show is truly a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

  10. theheidivan

    That is great thAt Netflix is going to renew. I will also add my voice to that request!
    My 2 year old loves it!

  11. Thank God they are renewing; it is number 1 then mighty machines #2 for our son.

  12. Brady Tracy

    We first viewed Taratabong when my twins were only 3-4 months old. During Netflix contract reconfiguration (?) I’ve had to play the opening theme just to see my son smile. He loves this show and loves listening to the music. Thank you for encouraging my child to appreciate music!

  13. Hola; any news?

  14. I am tired of waiting and so are my grand kids! I am going to cancel my netflix! The netflix movie line up has been going down hill also! What other services are available?

  15. My son loves this TV show, I am desperately looking for it everywhere! please keep us posted !!!

  16. my daughter has been watching taratabong since it started showing on netflix and she basically eats and breaths taratabong. I have searched high and low to see where i can buy the series and NOTHING 😦 not even on vudu does anyone know where i can buy it or if they will make any more?

    • Hello Karla, and thanks for your appreciation. Unfortunatley, due to the “priorities” of the Italian broadcaster RAI, it seems unlikely that a new season of Taratabong will ever be produced…
      All the best to you and your daughter

  17. Is there any way to ask them to release what’s already been produced for sale on DVD? That’s really what I’d like.

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