For More Taratabong

Taratabong_nomoDue to the large number of messages (emails & comments on this very blog) of people  from the US disappointed by the recent cancellation of Taratabong on Netflix, and all the others asking us for DVDs of the series anyway, here is this post about our beloved little living musical instruments.

In the first place, unfortunately, to this day no DVD of the series is available. We will try to ask Mediatoon, which manages the international home video rights of Taratabong, if there is any possibility about.

Then, we strongly suggest all the little Taratabong’s fans – and their parents too  – to contact Netflix – writing tons of emails and alike – and ask for more.

We are sorry, but this is the best we can do…

And a Million Thanks to all the Taratabongers all over the world!


Marco & Fabrizio (creators of Taratabong)


39 responses to “For More Taratabong

  1. My 3 year old is obsessed with this show we watch it for hours. We are very sad Netflix has stopped providing this show. We will be contacting them!

  2. Tanya Schultz

    Please bring more Taratabong to America! My grandson LOVES it! We are desperate. What will it take?

    • Dear Tanya, Taratabong licensing in America doesn’t depend by us… but we will do our best anyway… Thank you and your grandson!

  3. Thank you so much for creating this series! My 2 year-old daughter and I love it!! She is always asking for “Trumpy” and “Tarabong”. 🙂 I am extremely disappointed Netflix cancelled it and have written them. But, thank you, again – what a wonderful way to help our little ones learn more about music and rhythm!

    • Thank you Lauren, and let’s hope Netflix will renew their license, The more they receive requests from you all, the better

  4. Our 9 month old daugther loves this show! She has watched it since she was about 6 months old. It wasn’t until recently that she has created a bond with the shows that she watches! Shows like Taratabong, Bo On the Go, and Daniel Tiger always bring a smile to her face. Today, we discovered that Taratabong was no longer on Netflix. Does anyone know what happened? We will definately contact Netflix about the cause…

  5. Any chance of new episodes? My one year old can’t get enough. The best show for children we’ve ever come across!

  6. My twin 2 year old sons adore this show! Thank you for making such a quality kids show. I would gladly buy the DVD and would love to see it on Netflix in Canada. Will definitely share my thoughts with the Netflix people too.

  7. We have contacted Netflix about losing taratabong. My grandkids and my family love it. We will buy any dvds you make available in the usa. You made a fantastic product!

  8. nitetrAitor

    Love the series, would buy dvd or download. Daughter is still asking for it by character names. I think setting up a download page would be speedier than dvd.

    • Thanks to you and your daughter nitetrAitor! Unfortunately we can’t set up a download page. We may ask Mediatoon, which manages this kind of rights of the series, if they could do it… and hope the best.

  9. My 2 year old son LOVES Taratabong, and so do his dad and mom!! We would be so happy for DVD’s of this show!! Is there anything we can do to encourage Mediatoon to publish DVD’s? We would buy them immediately if we could! Thanks for making such an awesome show!

  10. Hi, All Taratabong Fans, I have started a petition to get Mediatoon to make dvds or digital downloads of this fabulous program a reality. Please sign and show them how much we want this show available for our children.

    • This is wonderful! Thanks for setting this ! I hope it gets more signers. Wish I could help more; this is the best show!

  11. My son has been watching Taratabong since he was 3 months old. I’m am devastated that Netflix removed it from their collection of kid shows. Please either produce DVDs, or have Netflix add it back on, my now 10 month old son misses it.

  12. You have created such a wonderful program. My son and I just love it. So smart and fun. So maddening that Netflix took it off. So much junk available but not quality programs likes the Meloditties! Anyway, thank you.

  13. Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful show! I loved it and my 2-year old son was really getting to the point where he understood more about the music when Netflix stopped carrying it. I’m truly sad. I hope there will be a way to bring it back or get this wonderful series in another way. I’m going to contact Netflix to voice my disapproval. Any ideas on the best way to contact them? Their website is not so helpful…. Thank you again for your work on such quality and enjoyable programming!

  14. Tammy Reather

    When will Taratabong be available in DVD or back on Netflix? Our 4year old autistic little guy has major meltdowns everyday because we cannot access Meloditties on Netflix anymore.

  15. I would love to see a DVD (or even multiple DVDs) is Taratabong. If you’re concerned whether it would sell well enough to make it worth your while, perhaps you could start a Kickstarter campaign? It’s a pretty fool proof way to fund the production of a product.

    • Thank you for your appreciation and advice Amanda! Unfortunately, that’s not the point, since we don’t hold the rights for the home video, which are managed by Mediatoon, a French international distributor. So, it should be them to make the DVDs.

  16. Hi Taratabong fans, Afew months ago I started a petition to Mediatoon to make DVDs or digital downloads of Taratabong available. Please follow the link and sign to show them how much we want this. I also started a facebook fan page call Parents of Taratabong Fans. If you are on Facebook, please like the page and Let’s get amazing show available to our children again.

  17. Jessica Thibodeaux-Camps

    As everyone else has said- We will buy the DVD’s my daughter is very interested in instrumental music and loves this show!!!!

  18. We loved “the band show” so much in our house! My husband, a middle school band director, discovered it left Netflix when he went to show one his classes an episode. But it was really our three-year-old’s reaction to that opening music that made us smile so much! Since were both music teachers we loved having a music show to let him watch that was actually really great! Thank you and we miss you and as soon as you figure out DVDs, we will own all of them!!! (Please figure it out!!) Thank you!

  19. Mediatoon is making a huge mistake by overlooking your show!! If they could market Taratabong to preschools and parents as a music education program, it would be hugely successful. There’s nothing as good as Taratabong available.
    Count me as another disappointed parent. Taratabong was watched daily by my children until the day it was cancelled. 😦
    I hope you get the opportunity to work with another distributed who will make your show widely available. We will be the first in line to purchase it! I will write to Netflix and sign the petition as well.

  20. I think the pursuit of Netflix is not as reliable as getting Mediatoon to put the episodes on Amazon for SALE as digital downloads (forget DVDs, they require significant cash outlay by the company to design/produce them with no guarantee of profit, especially in an age when DVDs are increasingly becoming obsolete). It would take almost zero corporate investment to sell the digital episodes on Amazon (for whatever reasonable fee) and with zero risk of losing money. Surely the series is making them NO money sitting in the can, unbuyable and unwatchable. It would be nice if Netflix picked up the show again but even if it does happen we will be in the same boat when that contract runs out. I’d rather find a way to purchase them permanently.

    • Sounds like a great idea to me, Jason! I’d buy them all on digital download. Bring them back!

    • Hello Jason, thanks for the suggestion – we honestly think that Mediatoon already considered that possibility, but it worth sayin’ them again. We will contact them about this.

  21. Great idea!, We don’t care how we get them back, we just want them back.thanks jason for the idea

  22. I have some AWESOME news one and all (thanks to a Parents of Taratabong Fans page member for the heads up ) A youtube channel has been created with english episodes of Taratabong!!! I’m not sure who created it and it only has 4 episodes but hey we will take it!!!!!!

  23. carolyndnovak

    Thank you so much for putting 4 episodes on Youtube! I have one happy child right now. She never forgot about her friends Trumpey and Snarey!
    God Bless!

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