Taratabong & YouTube

Grazie alla perseveranza di Bobbie Fox e la sua pagina facebook Parents of Taratabong Fans, i Musicilli sono sbarcati su YouTube. Al momento c’è una suite di quattro episodi in inglese della prima stagione.

Thanks to Bobbie Fox’s perseverance & her Parents of Taratabong Fans facebook page, the Meloditties landed on YouTube. At this present time, there’s a batch of four episodes in english. See you in Taratabong!


3 responses to “Taratabong & YouTube

  1. Thank you for the mention!! I’m happy that your loyal english speaking fans will be able to spend time with Trumpee, Snaree and the rest of the gang again. My boys were thrilled to see their favourite show again! If I had something to do with it, I don’t know. Maybe? It would be nice to think that my email campaign etc. paid off 🙂 Now new fans can be introduced to this awesome show!! Just wondering what happened with the Acrobaleng! series you were working on (sorry if I misspelled it)

  2. This looks like it would be very interesting for Taratabong fans. Where can we watch it? https://toposodo.wordpress.com/progetti/arcobaleng/

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