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France Taratabong!

Et voilà, mes amis!

Bien sûr, Taratabong et les Anicroches (nom français des Musicilli/Meloditties) sont en France aussi.

Voici la preuve!

Eccoli qua, Taratabong e i Musicilli. sono anche in Francia!


All Chinese Taratabong


It seems that all the 52 HD episodes of Taratabong, The World of Meloditties are availabre for download – Mandarin language version – on this Chinese site:

Sembra che tutti e 52 episodi in HD di Taratabong, il Mondo dei Musicilli siano scaricabili su questo sito cinese – in versione cinese mandarino, ovviamente:


The Original Old Taratabong! Promo (2006)


This is the original promo for “Taratabong! The World Of Meloditties” animated TV series, as it was presented to producers and broadcasters way back in 2006-7. Based on an original idea by marco Bigliazzi and Fabrizio Bondi, the series was eventually produced in two seasons, released in 2009 and 2010. Here, the design of some characters is slightly different and the music is not by Patrizio Fariselli, who composed the score for all the 52 episodes.

Ecco il promo originale della serie animata “Taratabong! Il Mondo dei Musicilli“, che fu presentato a produttori e broadcasters nel 2006-7. La serie, creata da Marco Bigliazzi e Fabrizio Bondi, fu poi realizzata e uscì in due stagioni nel 2009 e 2010. Qui il design di alcuni personaggi è leggermente diverso da quello definitivo e la musica non è ancora quella di Patrizio Fariselli, che ha composto la colonna sonora di tutti i 52 episodi.


Taratabong on RAI Yoyo



Taratabong, The World of Meloditties is on Italian national broadcaster’s channel RAI Yoyo, starting on January 7 2019, at 6:30 am.

La seconda stagione di Taratabong, il Mondo dei Musicilli da lunedì 7 gennaio 2019 alle 6:30 su RAI Yoyo.

The Taratabong Facebook Page

There’s a new community on Facebook, the Taratabong one – here.

Chinese Taratabong! 交响小乐队

Taratabong! hits China, as you can see on Tencent Video Taratabong page, with all 52 episodes.

This Chinese version of the show is written 交响小乐队, meaning “small symphony band“.

Taratabong on Netflix UK

Well, it seems that Taratabong, The World of Meloditties is now airing on Netflix UK, as you can see here.

Taratabong, il Mondo dei Musicilli sembrerebbe essere arrivato su Netfix UK.

Taratabong Russian Official

On Youtube you can now reach the Taratabong Russian Official Channel.

Taratabong on DigitalDoReMi

DigitalDoReMI is a website about teaching music, run by Denise Gulliver-Lewis, and here is a page devoted to Taratabong and The Meloditties.

Three Hours Of Taratabong

Ever had a fancy of finding the whole bunch of the Taratabong series right in one video? Well, here it is, a Three Hours Compilation of Taratabong (on Youtube)! And it’s just half the pack, indeed – another one will appear, for sure.