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The Taratabong Facebook Page

There’s a new community on Facebook, the Taratabong one – here.


Arcobaleng | Rainbowbong

La strada sarà lunga e impervia, e chissà se mai ci si arriverà, alla produzione: per intanto, però, ecco inaugurato il sito-blog dedicato a questo progetto di Marco Bigliazzi e Fabrizio Bondi, una serie animata sorella dell’acclamata Taratabong.

Arcobaleng! Il mondo dei Pitturilli (in inglese Rainbowbong) apre le porte in rete proprio qui.

Taratabong Russian Official

On Youtube you can now reach the Taratabong Russian Official Channel.

Brio v/s Brio

Here is the intro of Episode 24 of Bird Squad,a Toposodo’s animated TV series created by Marco Bigliazzi and Fabrizio Bondi, where hummingbird Brio (Breece) encounters an evil alter ego.

Ecco le prime scene dell’Episodio 24 de La Banda Volante, serie animata di Toposodo creata da Marco Bigliazzi e Fabrizio Bondi, in cui Brio il colibrì incontra un suo malvagio alter ego.

10th batch of episodes on Taratabong English Youtube Channel!

Well, here is the 10th batch of episodes on Taratabong English Official Channel.

Taratabong is back on Netflix!

taratabong_12Starting on June 10th, Taratabong The World Of Meloditties is back on Netflix for the USA audience.

Sembra che dal 10 Giugno Taratabong sia tornata su Netflix – solo per il pubblico statunitense.

Taratabong on the Internet Movie Database

The maloditties

Like a lot of cartoons out there, also the Meloditties have their entry in the Intenet Movie Database, ant it’s here.

Come tanti altri cartoni animati, anche i Musicilli hanno la loro pagina sull’Internet Movie Database, ed è qui.

Taratabong = Таратабонг

Sul canale YouTube di Klub100Video è stato pubblicato, qualche mese fa, questo breve trailer della versione russa di Taratabong, ovvero Таратабонг.

Some months ago, on Klub100Video’s YouTube Channel, a trailer of the Russian version of Taratabong, or Таратабонг.

For More Taratabong

Taratabong_nomoDue to the large number of messages (emails & comments on this very blog) of people  from the US disappointed by the recent cancellation of Taratabong on Netflix, and all the others asking us for DVDs of the series anyway, here is this post about our beloved little living musical instruments.

In the first place, unfortunately, to this day no DVD of the series is available. We will try to ask Mediatoon, which manages the international home video rights of Taratabong, if there is any possibility about.

Then, we strongly suggest all the little Taratabong’s fans – and their parents too  – to contact Netflix – writing tons of emails and alike – and ask for more.

We are sorry, but this is the best we can do…

And a Million Thanks to all the Taratabongers all over the world!


Marco & Fabrizio (creators of Taratabong)

Whatever happened to the Univerphone?

Nothing. Yay, that’s the trouble – nothing. Due to several issues at RAI (the broadcaster), the production of Adventure in the Univerphone has been delayed.  You have to espect this kind of things when you are setting up the production of a wonderful series.

Delayed, not forgotten. So, let’s hope the best and stay tuned!

Cos’è successo all’Univerphone? Niente – questo è il problema. A causa di alcuni problemi in RAI, la produzione della serie è stata ritardata. Ritardata, non cancellata. Quindi, incrociate le dita e tenetevi in contatto.