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Taratabong on Netflix UK

Well, it seems that Taratabong, The World of Meloditties is now airing on Netflix UK, as you can see here.

Taratabong, il Mondo dei Musicilli sembrerebbe essere arrivato su Netfix UK.


Three Hours Of Taratabong

Ever had a fancy of finding the whole bunch of the Taratabong series right in one video? Well, here it is, a Three Hours Compilation of Taratabong (on Youtube)! And it’s just half the pack, indeed – another one will appear, for sure.

10th batch of episodes on Taratabong English Youtube Channel!

Well, here is the 10th batch of episodes on Taratabong English Official Channel.

New: Third Batch of Taratabong on Youtube

A new group of four episodes has been postd on Taratabong English Official Youtube Channel.



Taratabong on the Internet Movie Database

The maloditties

Like a lot of cartoons out there, also the Meloditties have their entry in the Intenet Movie Database, ant it’s here.

Come tanti altri cartoni animati, anche i Musicilli hanno la loro pagina sull’Internet Movie Database, ed è qui.

Taratabong = Таратабонг

Sul canale YouTube di Klub100Video è stato pubblicato, qualche mese fa, questo breve trailer della versione russa di Taratabong, ovvero Таратабонг.

Some months ago, on Klub100Video’s YouTube Channel, a trailer of the Russian version of Taratabong, or Таратабонг.

For More Taratabong

Taratabong_nomoDue to the large number of messages (emails & comments on this very blog) of people  from the US disappointed by the recent cancellation of Taratabong on Netflix, and all the others asking us for DVDs of the series anyway, here is this post about our beloved little living musical instruments.

In the first place, unfortunately, to this day no DVD of the series is available. We will try to ask Mediatoon, which manages the international home video rights of Taratabong, if there is any possibility about.

Then, we strongly suggest all the little Taratabong’s fans – and their parents too  – to contact Netflix – writing tons of emails and alike – and ask for more.

We are sorry, but this is the best we can do…

And a Million Thanks to all the Taratabongers all over the world!


Marco & Fabrizio (creators of Taratabong)

Taratabong & Illico TV


Taratabong is floating on the Canadian screens of Vidéotron’s Illico TV, as you can see here.

Taratabong in questo periodo gironzola suglii schermi canadesi di Illico TV di Vidéotron, come si può vedere qui.

Taratabong season two starts on RAI YoYo!

Era ora: a oltre un anno dal completamento della produzione, la seconda stagione di Taratabong inizia ad andare in onda su RAI YoYo a partire dal 21 dicembre prossimo. Musicilli tutti i giorni alle 14:50!


One year after completion, Taratabong second season is going to be aired, at last! Starting on December 21, every day at 2:50 pm on RAI YoYo!

RAI YoYo’s little stars!

Vere star del piccolo schermo, in questo periodo su RAI YoYo fanno il loro show tutti i giorni  gli uccelli (e il pipistrello) della Banda Volante (alle 14:20) e i Musicilli di Taratabong (alle 14:50)!

Real stars of the not-so-small screen, Bird Squad & Taratabong make their daily show on RAI YoYo channel!